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Potato Chips Spicy Hot Pot Flavor 70g

Product Highlights

Very crispy and delicious

Rich hotpot flavor, which is mouthwatering

The best snack to choose when watching TV series


If you feel boring and always want to find something to eat while watching the TV series, this product is definitely the one to try. The innovative wavy design makes it more crunchy and crispy. Unlike the original flavor, the Hotpot flavor is more spicy, and it is definitely suitable for those who want to try new flavors. You will feel like eat the hotpot.




Ready to eat.


Brand Lay’s
Brand Origin China
Net Content 70g
Made in China
Package Size 70g
Ingredients Potatoes, edible salt, spices, etc.
Flavor Numb & Spicy Hot Pot 70g
Organic Not Organic
Date Format YY/MM/DD

Lable not clear & no inventory


Wheat Flour

How To Store

Store in cool and dry place. Avoid Direct Sunlight.