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Exotic POP Bun B/ Orange

Bun B Trill OG Orange Soda is a refreshing, healthy beverage. The exact resemblance to freshly squeezed orange juice.

Exotic Pop Trill OG “Bun B” Orange Soda

20oz plastic bottle



More than just another Texas rapper, Bernard Freeman was originally introduced to us in 1987 as the second half of the rap group Underground Kingz or better known as UGK. Along with Chad “Pimp C” Butler, they released hit after hit. The group would successfully continue for years until Pimp C was required to serve a jail sentence which prompted them both to pursue solo albums. In 2007, when Pimp C died Bun was forced to embrace his solo act full time.

He has made it his mission to ensure the legacy his dear friend lives on through his music and philanthropic work for the community. At the start of the Spring 2011, Bun B joined the faculty of a local university as a Distinguished Lecturer by teaching a course in the School of the Humanities called Hip-Hop and religion. Houston’s rap scene and community would not be the same without the diligence and hard work of this legend. As a pioneer in coining the Dirty South movement, he continues to inspire other artist to remain diligent and accountable.

Bun B Trill OG Orange Soda is a tempting wholesome soft drink. The absolute mimicry to refreshing freshly squeezed orange juice is superiorly trill. No one likes a flat soda, the added diamond sparkle to this puckering orange juice flavor is guaranteed one of the few to stay on top!