Cheetos BBQ

Frito Lay Japan makes new and unique products every month. Barbecue flavour of Cheetos is by far one of the most popular snacks that both kids and adults love.


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Cheetos BBQ has a great and yummy charcoal flavor like that of an outdoor grill.

Cheetos Barbecue from Frito-Lay is a corn-based snack. A combination of corn, meat and vegetables in the form of thin sticks with a crunchy texture. If you would like to try something new, we have Japanese version of Cheetos with Barbecue flavour. You just can’t eat Cheetos Barbecue without licking your fingertips. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth for a while. It is not really a barbecue taste like any you have ever tasted. A new flavour to wow BBQ fans.

Weight 83 g
Producer Frito Lay
Ingredient Corn, Dextrin, Grape Sugar, Onion Powder, Soy Sauce Powder
Unit Net Weight 75 g