Kit Kat Sparkling Wine and Strawberry

This celebratory Kit Kat is arriving just in time for the holiday season! Like most new flavors, this product features a paper bag instead of plastic for the outer packaging to be more environmentally friendly. The Kit Kat itself has a delicious white chocolate coating infused with the scent of sparkling wine similar to the aroma of champagne. The wafers have a strawberry-flavored cream filling to complete the flavorful image of a strawberry inside a glass of champagne.


Kit Kat Strawberry

Product description

Varieties of strawberries was born in Tochigi “Tochiotome”. Along with fragrant wafers, I wraps gently with white chocolate, its sweet taste gorgeous. Please enjoy the sweet taste gorgeous.

Imagine the tartness of freshly picked strawberries combined with creamy white chocolate layers and crunchy wafer biscuit. Sweet and refreshingly light—without a shadow of a doubt, a contender for best strawberry chocolate. At any rate, a Nestle Japan classic.